Movie Screening & Q/A, "The Karma of Happiness" with Summer Moore

A movie screening and Q/a with the leading actress and producer of "The Karma of Happiness". Friday June 25th 6-6pm AZ time.


Fri, June 25, 2021

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM MST





You are invited to the screening of "The Karma of Happiness" followed by a Q/A with the Producer and leading Actress, Summer Moore. Friday June 25th 5pm AZ time. Los Angeles, CA Filmmaker & USC graduate Summer Moore hopes to capture the attention of people who believe in the Golden Rule with her Independent short film. THE KARMA OF HAPPINESS. Produced under SAG/AFTRA new Media Agreement, the film shares that the real causes of happiness is by helping others have their needs met first and creating karma. It is Moore's hope that people will learn a new way to get the things they want in life, and thus help change the world. Produced and written by Moore and directed by Foster Corder, THE KARMA OF HAPPINESS is based on the international best selling book from Doubleday, "The Diamond Cutter" by Michael Roach. The lead character, Madison Wright (played by Moore), encounters problems that a typical person around the world has, hopelessly manipulating situations and getting an unexpected result. Life finally changes when she learns the secret of karma. In her search for happiness, she gets the things she wants via karma and in-turn changes peoples lives around her. Summer Moore has been studying Asian Philosophy for over two decades and received her Bachelors from the University of Southern California. She currently produces, writes, and performs in the entertainment industry. Lightning Club provides thank you content to English speaking donors the Asian Legacy Library, which safeguards and shares timeless wisdom texts to the world for free. Asian Legacy Library, through a combination of technology, scholarship, and partnership, locates, digitally preserves and safeguards some of the world’s most precious collections of cultural literary wisdom heritage.

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