Fundraising Classes for Nepal Manuscripts

Welcome to a series of fundraiser classes for ALL’s preservation of Dharani texts in our Nepal Center (N.I.B.S.).
Your support helps us save these precious wisdom texts from being lost to the world forever so that we can locate, preserve, digitize, and share them for free on the A.L.L. digital database. This free database allows scholars and translators all over the world to make them accessible in all languages.
Donate any amount to join the event. (*note, this is not link to become a member)

Upcoming Fundraising Classes:
1. Sunday March 27th 7am AZ (10am nyc) Achieving Peace the Mind only Way with Dr. Word Smith

Zoom link:

2. Thursday March 31st 6am az (9am NYC; 9pm Taiwan): Spreading Love & Compassion, the Tara Dharani with Dr. Miroj Shakya

Webinar link:

What we are fundraising for at the AL.L. Nepal Center (N.I.B.S.):

Here is a breakdown of equipment that we need immediately to start the Dharani project. This is for a computer-scanning set up, still necessary for this project. The rest of the costs will be ongoing wages, so the total the goal is $60,000.00

Total for physical purchases below is $3175:

External hard drive: WD Hard disks (10TB) or back up system (Air Cloud and External) - $216.00

Electric system for Room - lighting and a table - IMac table top computer - $2397

Backup batteries 200 Amps - $345.00

System Development Inverter - $173.00

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